Does He Love Me?

Does he love me?He loves me, he loves me not… Does he really love me? Is he thinking of me? Does he feel the same way about me as I do about him? You want it to be true, but you still have your doubts and need to be sure.

These questions are obvious when a woman is trying to figure out if the guy she is interested in is in love with her. Here, you need to understand that there is a huge difference between strongly liking and loving someone. Do not be skeptical with the question ‘does he love me’. The reason is if he does, he will show it, otherwise you may have to continue your search until you can truly find the right person to be your soul mate.

When it comes to love, men can have very different ways of expressing their feelings. Some wear it on their sleeves and have no problems whatsoever letting you know their true intentions. Others though can keep their emotions to themselves and be very difficult to read. These types of men often prefer to express their feelings of love through actions and body language instead of words.

On the downside, some men can be manipulative. They may say they love you just to string you along.

So, does he love me?

To know for certain you may want to look for some of these sure signs:

Does he want to hold your hand often or kiss you? Do you see that ‘spark’ in his eyes when he looks into yours? Or, does he smile when he greets you for a date? Such displays of affection, especially when made in public, are a very telltale indication that he probably is in love with you.

Some men, however, are not always so obvious. This can be especially true of men who view themselves as your "alpha male". These types of men are often protective in nature. They see you as their damsel in distress. They love you for your femininity even though they may have great difficulty showing their feminine side themselves. They are quick to rise to your defense and will always stand up for you if they feel that you are being disrespected or threatened. Although alpha males may often have difficulties expressing their true feelings, it doesn't mean that they love you any less. One word of caution though. Some alpha males can be possessive because they are jealous of other men, they can even objectify you, so always make sure his intentions are sincere.

A man who loves you should also want to spend time with you one on one. He should enjoy your company and doing activities together whether it's taking a long walk or working on a home improvement project with you as a team. If, on the other hand, you find that he prefers spending all of his free time with his friends or doing activities with you only when other people are involved, this can mean that he may not be the Mr. Right you are looking for. Keep in mind though that a guy needs to be a guy. You should never put him in a position where he might resent you for taking away his freedom to do things with his friends. What's important is that you do in fact spend quality time together as a couple and that he truly enjoys your company.

A man who truly loves you should also be supportive of you. He should be genuinely concerned about your feelings, your health and your well being. A man who loves you will offer to do things for you without being asked. He will be there to nurture you when you are feeling under the weather. He will always think you are beautiful regardless of whether or not you have makeup on or how you are dressed. And, most importantly, he should show a sincere interest in your feelings and be supportive when you are down. After all, wouldn't you do the very same thing for him?

How do you know when a guy doesn't truly love you? Unfortunately, a lot of women are in bad relationships because they are in denial about their partner's true feelings towards them. Suffice it to say that if a man is overly critical of you or your appearance, demeans you, or does not enjoy spending time with you then he's probably not such a great match. Coming to terms with the fact that he may love you less than you love him can be a very difficult to accept.

Some men can also be abusive even when they do in fact love you. If you think this is the case, you probably should either call it quits or seek the help of a professional marriage counselor. No one should ever tolerate being in an abusive relationship.

So, does he love me? Observe his behaviors closely because this is one question you will only be able to answer for yourself.